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Date: February 12th 1944

Mont Joli, P. Q.

February 12, 1944

Dear Mom,

I've got another request. I need my birth certificate, so that I can cross the U. S. border, so could you contact Rev. Crewe, and get one for me?

And I'll be waiting for those snaps that I took while I was at home. I'm glad to hear that Dad is getting along so well, that Arthur is enjoying his hockey, and that you are pleased to be painting a room in the house. Later on, I'll send along a recent photo of Joyce.

Yes, I'd like to read the book "Lassie Come Home". I 1iked the movie a lot. (By the way, Joyce wrote that she was planning to see it.) Lately I've been reading a few Tehune books about collie dogs. That's real good of you to get the books for me. Thanks.

The movie "Above Suspicion" was made from the same book as I have on my shelves. I've finished the book "Disputed Passage". I liked it so much that I asked Joyce if she would like to have it. I'll sent it to her if she wishes it.

I'm on my 96 right now, so yesterday I went skiing, but I found the ski poles to be trickey to get used to, but after a few tries I got used to them.

Last night I went ice skating in town, but it was very frosty. You'd make a few rounds on the ice, and then you'd have to go in for some heat. but it wasn't too bad. So I put in quite a "sporting" day.
Today there are a few snowflakes, and there's a wind, so I'm confined to reading and writing. By the way, could you send some blue Air Force handkerchiefs? Say hello to Dad, Grandma, Gloria, Art and the cats.

Love, Lewis.

P.S. here are a few snaps of Joyce, which were sent to me yesterday with her valentine. Send them back with your next letter to me. o. k. ? L