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Date: February 10th 1944

Mont Joli, P.Q.

February 10, 1944

Dear Mom,

I probably told you that sometime I might study French. Well. I'm doing that right now. I may not be able to speak it or really understand it for some time But it won't be a burden to carry around.

When I spoke to the Education Officer about studying French, he said that I may have a chance to go to Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. He told me that the Air Force pays a month's tuition, and Living expenses at college for every month a fellow is in the Air Force, so, by the time this war is over I'll be able to get quite an education.
So. Mom, I want you to find, in my bureau drawer, in my brown leather case, my High School Gr. XlI and my Provincial Gr. XlI papers, and send them to me. Then I'll send them along to Queen's, to see what credit they will give for them.

I can also take correspondence courses from Queen's, so I'm going to do that while I'm still in the Services. I was pretty surprised to learn all about those chances, that are at my finger tips, and I can't pass them up. The reason Queen's was suggested was that it was the best university for an engineering course, which is what I intend to study.

Tell Dad of my plans, and ask him what he thinks of it all, and if he has any suggestions.

So long for now. Love, Lewis.