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Date: December 17th 1917
Thomas Roy Stevenson

France Dec 17th
298491 Inland Water Trans R.E.
APOS 47 B.A. France

Dear Sister Gertie,

I received that fine parcel to-day, also the enclosed letter. It came fine although battered up some. It is a great treat and I enjoy every single bit of it.

Haven't tasted anything so good for years. Mrs. Perkins sent me a parcel too, so you see its going to be almost like old times.

Did you get that picture of "Jack" and I, a few days after it was taken he had his leg shot off, don't know whether he is living or not, we brought him down in a boat and he was carried away to a hospital, had been a chum of mine all summer.

I have been very lucky and up to date haven't got a scratch.

I have some sox left yet, in fact I am fitted out pretty good with clothes, saved all I got in Canada, they are far better quality than over here.

There has been two squalls of snow but they didn't amount to much, It turns to rain.

Got those two little letters from Jamie and Barbara all right. Will try to write them a line soon.

I know an American soldier, he saves me the Post nearly every week, and together with your papers I get lots of news from home.

Had a letter from D.W. McLachlan a few days ago, he tells me all work is being shut down on the H.B. Ry, the wolves, foxes, and caribou will be able to roam undisturbed over that country now. Wish I could drop in on you at Xmas. I remember Papa and I were up two years ago, although it only seems a few months.

Tell Bess I'll write soon, there isn't one thing I can tell you. I tried to write to Aunt Bertha a short time ago, but had to give it up for a bad job. Hope you all have a good time this winter.

Best regards to Berton and the little folks.

Love from Roy