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Date: August 9th 1917
Thomas Roy Stevenson

Aug 9th, 1917

Dear Gertie,

Got your fine long letter today of July 7th enjoyed it very much. I had been waiting to hear from you before I wrote.

I have been well and very busy. Was very sorry to hear about poor old Jim and hope he gets better soon.

I have been over here since July 3rd and will surely have some great things to tell you of when I get back home.

Will try and get some pictures taken if I ever get a chance to get in a town.

Will also write to Bob Dustan soon.

I have written a number of times to M. J. King, an old friend from Port Nelson, he is in the same Corps but something must have happened to him, I think.

Be sure and tell me what you call this "new boy". I expect he will be quite a size when I see him.

At this place where I am there is only one Canadian from Vancouver all the rest are English. The new address is Spr. Thos R. #298491 A.P.O.S. 47 British Army France. I.W.T. Royal Engs.

When I left Port Nelson last winter I left a small trunk there. Mr. McLachlan will send it out this fall to Jim likely some time in October.
Have also allotted half pay to him to cache for me.

I envy you, and Berton, all those apples, and good things to eat. Remember how I used to go after them when I was home. Well I would be five times worse now.

Are all the crops good this year?

If you will send Douglas Winslow's address I might see him some time.

Would be pleased to get the Press if you will send it once in a while.

Best regards to Papa, Jim, and Bess, and the little folks.

With love from your brother,