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Date: October 28th 1917
Walter Nayler - (brother)
Norman Nayler

Somewhere in Wet and Muddy France
Oct. 28/17.

Dear Bro

Recieved your most welcome letter written on Oct 28 O.K. and was sure glad to hear from you. I am in the best of health and hope you are the same. This is sure some country this time of the year. Mud up to your ears and sometimes farther.

I received a letter from Myrtle the same time as yours and she is back home again. They are all well there which is one good thing for a fellow sure thinks of every one at home when he is in this God forsaken country.

I recieved a parcel from home the other day and it sure came in handy but I guess it is pretty hard for them to make up a box to send when I don’t use any tobacco.

I guess there is very little chance of ever running across that chum of yours over here although there is a battery situated not far from here. But I will write him and try to find out where he is. I haven’t heard from Harold for the last couple of weeks but he was well when I last heard from him.

I guess you are just as well off when Lilia went away but I didn’t like to say anything for I didn’t want to offend you. But never mind there are lots more fish down in the brook and lots better than have been caught.

So you are having nice weather there. That is more than I can say for this place. The frosty mornings sure remind you of home when you get up to go out hunting but I guess some one else will have to do my share this year but lets all hope we will be back in time next year.

I guess you have joined a good Lodge this time and if I am ever lucky enough to come back I am going to do the same.

I am driving team again but it isn’t much of a job now when it is so wet and muddy but I guess it is far ahead of the trenches.

I guess they made out allright at Trenton making brick except for the last kiln when they had a little trouble getting enough wood.

Well there isn’t much news over here only hoping that the war is over soon so guess I had better close for now. Be sure and answer soon.

From your ever Loving Bro

P.S. There isn’t much that I want that could be easily sent unless it was some chocolate or something to remind you of home. Writing paper is about the hardest thing to get that I know of. This is some they sent from home.


[Editor’s note: There was a dating error made by Nayler either when he dated this letter as “Oct. 28” or in his first paragraph reference to his brother’s letter “written on Oct 28.”]

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