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Date: September 23rd 1916

Sept. 23 1916

Dear Hazel -

I haven't written for a few days so will send a few lines. There is not much to write about but still I have to write don't I? Everything is getting old around here now and we don't have anything very interesting happen so you will understand that a person needs considerable brains to write a letter (ahem) even to his best girl. Excuse the expression but it is right isn't it.

Now for the weather, we are having very fine weather just now real summery like warm in the day time and very cool in the mornings at 5.30 However it has been dry for 2 days now so I am very well pleased with the climate except that it rains on Sat afternoons instead of in working hours. We are drilling hard and learning a whole lot. One of the greatest problems is how to work so hard and not get much to eat. I think if I ever land back in Canada I will eat for about a year at least.

There have been quite a few battns of Canadians arriving this week. We get lots of news from them. I haven't transferred yet but may do so at any time. I don't like the drill very well and of course am looking for something easier but may be disappointed. I haven't got your photo yet but expect it any day now. It has likely been delayed as Mr Finney the battn "know all" said it might be. Of course I didn't tell him that I was expecting your photo.

I am sure that it is good of you to think of sending one, I shall value it very highly and you need not be afraid that I will give it to anyone. I may get one taken soon but am letting my moustache grow a little first. I cut it off while in Scotland as it was in the way - when I was drinking at the table.

Lee bothers me every few minutes wanting to know how to spell some word or other. He just asked me if you spelled fair sex - fare sex - and we had quite an argument about it. I can't spell very good myself but it is amusing to see some of the fellows try to write a letter.

I am sure Blanche would have a good time in Detroit, every one does that goes there. I had a rather sore hand for a few days and couldn't write at all but it is better now. I was trying to get thru a barbed wire entanglement and was foolish enough to grab one of the barbs and cut a deep gash in the palm of my beautiful hand. I hear you say "poor fellow" Ahem.

Several of the boys are in the hospital at Aldershot as a result of their last passes to London. It serves them right but I feel kind of sorry for some of them as it pretty near spoils their life. I know that isn't a nice thing to write about but we were always very frank with each other and as you said understood each other

Well Hazel as I said before I must not cheat the postal authorities so will stop. If I hear from you in tonights mail may write you again tomorrow so don't be surprised if you get two letters in the same mail

Love - all kinds of it - Jack.

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