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Date: October 28th 1916


Oct 28/16

Dear Hazel -

Rec'd a letter from you in the last mail and of course was very tickled. I know I shall sleep soundly tonight. I was just going to write to you when someone came around with your letter. I got one yesterday but it had been delayed at the Army P.O. When you wrote the address the 1 in 135 was not very distinct and they thought it was 35th BN. They had to look me up and of course that took some time. Of course I was glad to get it even if it was a little delayed. That is three times I have used the expression "of course". It seems to be a bad habit of mine. Well Hazel about my photo. I am patiently waiting until I get my kilts. That may spoil it altogether but I hope not as I would like you to have a faint idea of what I look like after two months in England I have gained twelve pounds since I left Canada. I eat lots of candies and drink a little beer occasionally. Lee and I eat a cocoanut nearly every night and that helps to make me a little bigger around the waist. I haven't noticed that Lee is getting so very thin he never was very fleshy and certainly looks better now than he ever did in Canada.

I have started in at signalling again and from now on will be a little busier. I want to get to France sometime and unless I work hard I will not get there for quite a while. Lee is still on a draft. He was taken off the first and we were both on the second but I was taken off to start signalling. I don't know how Lee will make out. I hope he gets in with us as we want to stick together since we have gone so far with each other He is really not a bad kid only he has some very peculiar ideas. We get along fine together since we left Canada. I expect we will go to a divisional school here altho I am not sure yet.

There is no fire in here tonight so I will have to cut this short and get back to the hut where it is warmer. We didnt get much sleep last night as yesterday was pay day and most of the fellows were tight and had a big time. I hope it will be quieter tonight. We were at a baseball game today and there is another tomorrow (Sunday) between the officers and men. We have a fine lot of officers here and they use us great. I don't mind working hard when we get treated well. Anyway I guess we shouldn't complain as it will be far worse in France when we get there. It would make you sick to see some of the poor fellows in the hospital here all cut up with shrapnel and bayonet.

Well Hazel I must stop. I certainly will not be satisfied with your photo when I get back. I want the original and hope you will be glad to let me have it.


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