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Date: October 21st 1918

21 October 1918

7 Ward Annexe
Norfolk War Hospital

Dear Hazel -

Rec'd your letter of Sept 22 the other day and was very glad to hear from you. It seems funny that you haven't been getting my letters all summer. I don't write very often I know still somewhat more frequently than you mentioned receiving them.

I am getting along fine now and hope to soon be able to get out of bed. I have my splint of my leg and foot and it feels a lot better altho very stiff. I have no feeling in my foot at all and I guess it will always be somewhat crooked. Still I musn't worry you with all my troubles. I feel very lucky to be alive at all after what we went thru and when I think of the fellows I know who won't come back it makes you feel rather rotten all right.

This is a dandy place all right and a pretty good size too - 3000 beds I think. It used to be an asylum before the war so I have the honour of being in an asylum for a time anyway and rather nutty part of that time too. They have padded cells here too - right up to date.

I expect to leave here for convalescent in a couple or three weeks. Normally I would be here until after Xmas but the congestion is so bad that they simply must have the hospitals cleared as soon as possible.

The war situation looks quite favourable doesn't it? We may have peace by Xmas yet. I hope we do. I don't think I will ever go back to France again and I can't say I am sorry as I've seen all I want to see of modern warfare and am quite ready to settle down now. I am sure I don't know what I will do "after the war" but no doubt I will have lots of time to think it over. Was so sorry to hear about Alec and Bill Gough. They were killed after I was wounded I think. Ralph Newton was killed before tho.

Well Hazel I enjoyed your letter very much. Be sure and write again and I will try and make my next one more interesting. Please remember me to the girls and your Father. Well I must close.


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