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Date: October 20th 1916


Oct. 20th /16

Dear Hazel -

I rec'd a letter from you today and it reminded me that I owe you a few lines. As usual I was glad to hear from you and of course felt a whole lot better after I had read your letter.

We haven't got our kilts yet but will get them right away as we have had our sizes taken and all our old clothes condemned. Norman Newton Mr Beattie & Billy Campbell have theirs and look fine altho their knees are rather white but that will soon be remedied as it is cold here now. I guess we will feel it pretty bad at first as we can't wear our combinations etc.

This is a fine batt'n. We never knew we were alive until we came here. We get lots of eats and work hard. The eats are as good as any hotel - For breakfast - Porridge with syrup and 1 pt of milk (cows) mutton chops or bacon & tea. Dinner. Soup, mutton or roast beef, pudding or custard - Supper - cheese, jam stewed prunes, maccorni & cheese and tea. We get bread & butter (real) every meal and lots of every thing so you see we do not suffer. Everything is good especially the meat - no bully beef here. I have two big plates porridge syrup & milk every morning - I am Scotch now you know.

There is a draft going out of here soon, altho Lee's name was on it mine was not but I may fix that all right. We all are going away to take musketry next week and those who make good will likely go. The work is realistic here. All the signallers are in the ranks and will likely go to France in the ranks. One thing is certain we will all soon be there; long before xmas. We all want to go and could not go in a better bunch than the 134. You ought to hear the colonel on parade yell out 48th Highlanders he says 48th Hee-landers.

Everything is very systematic here. I am writing this in the chaplains office - a large room all fixed up with tables and games. The barber shop is right behind me and the canteens (wet & dry to the rear. I think we have set a record for moving. This is 4 camps we have been in and do not expect to stay here long. This isn't as good a camp as Witley altho much older. It has been fairly dry since we came here altho it rained all the time we were marching here. We had a night march with full packs last night. We went about 10 miles. It was a little stiff after a hard days work but I feel fine tonight. We are getting tougher every day and soon will be able to stand anything. Say you can't guess what W Leitch is doing He is cooking for the nurses - Some job I must say and dangerous too - I suppose I shouldn't blow - I might fall in soft myself some day. We get all the Can papers here altho they are about 3 weeks late. This is developing into a book so I must shut off the juice.

Lee and I are feeling fine and getting stronger & tougher every day. We are having our teeth fixed I have two that need attention. The doc told me I was very physically fit so I should [?]. I am glad you are having a good time at home because we are having the time of our young lives here and will in France. Be sure and send all letters to the Army P.O as we may not be here more than a few weeks and I want to get all of your letters.


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