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Date: November 5th 1916


Nov 5/16

Dear Hazel -

Rec'd two letters from you last evening and it certainly was a glad surprise for me to get them as it was Sat night I was not expecting any as we very seldom get any mail on Sat or Sun. This is Sunday night and of course I have to write to you. Sundays I always think of the good times we used to have. Of course I do on other days too but more on Sun!

It is raining here now and has been for several days and nights. Our roof leaks quite a bit and our stove won't work so we are not very comfortable just now so if I seem cross in this letter don't be surprised. Everyone is cranky and there is some tall language floating around here just now. I was just getting along nicely with this when Lee had to come strolling in. He might have enough sense to stay away until I had finished. The worst of it is he trys to read what I am writing. He got a letter from Mary today and feels a little funnier than usual. I guess he saw what I wrote about him for he has departed about as suddenly as he came in. Supper has just gone but I would rather write to you than go for mine. I have really got it bad haven't I? Well I have just licked two of the fellows Kelly Arniel [?] and Corps Malone so hope I will be able to finish this in peace. I hope to finish this before they get back from supper. I have almost lost track of what I wanted to say.

I am on brigade signalling for this week. Another 134th guy and myself have to work the buzzer and telephone in the brigade office. It is easy work but the experience is valuable. We expect to start on musketry right away so I guess that means France. I am not very crazy about going there this time of the year as it is the worst there now. After Xmas it will be a lot drier there as I believe this is the rainy season there.

There seems to be more Canadians here now than they know what to do with. We expect to move again soon but I am not sure just where we will go to. I haven't unpacked my kit since I came here so am ready to move anytime.

I had a letter from Ray Marsh last night. He seems to be calling at 292 Princess Ave quite often. I don't think that will last long as his love affairs are always short lived. He said he hadn't seen my "dear little girl, you know how he talks, for quite a long time. I don't know how he knew that you were my dear little girl but I suppose we made it quite plain at times that we liked each other considerably now did we or did we not. I know I should stop here but I think I will try another page altho I am not sure I can finish it. Lee wrote about 18 pages to Mary yesterday so I should be able to write more than four to you. Of course I understand that they are engaged which makes a difference. He had a letter from Belinda today but wouldn't give me any news. He is a little sore because I have left him but it wasn't really my fault. One has to obey orders here or go to the clink so me for orders every time.

The fellows are drifting back from supper now so don't be surprised if I have to stop suddenly. I think I will go to church at the Y tonight. It is only about 1 min walk from here. There was a dandy concert there last night it was arranged by Hon Mrs somebody or other I enjoyed it very much. The ladies all stayed around and talked to us for a while. They were very nice. We have some dandy concerts here if it were not for that we would be only half civilized. I expect we will go on pass soon again. I could have gone this week but I didn't want to go away for a week or so. I may go next week

The big row has started here again. It is one continuous round of shoving and scrapping in this hut all the time. Someone who thinks he can sing is exercising his vocal organs just now. A message pad also just passed about 1 in. from my ear. Others are trying to stage a movie stunt and are getting along fine. I am writing this just as it happens here; I don't suppose you will be interested very much as it is really childish the way they carry on here sometimes. One of the 134 boys has a motor-cycle in here and someone is always blowing the horn.

We have invented a new stunt to heat the hut. We pour about a pint of gas over the floor and set fire to it. It makes a lot of heat but the fumes are not exactly comfortable. I have just finished a few minutes of coughing. I could keep on writing about the "happenings" in this hut all night but you would get tired reading about them. Our stove has a big hole in the top of it so we have a brick over the hole some class isn't it.

Two of the fellows are pretty sick tonight but are afraid to go to the doctor for fear he will put them on light duty which is not very pleasant around these camps.

Well Hazel I guess you will tired of reading this one. I suppose Blanche will have the house pretty much to herself on Sun evenings. Well I guess we shouldn't kick because we certainly had our share didn't we? I just wish we could have a few more good times like we used to have last winter and spring. I guess we will alright but perhaps not for quite a long time yet altho the general opinion here is that the war cannot last much longer. It does seem that I have been over here for a year already altho the weeks seem to pass quickly.

Well Hazel I guess I must stop now. This is a record letter for me to write. I hope I will get another from you in a few days and will try and write often even if I do not have much news to write. Remember me to all of the girls and of course to all of the boys. I haven't heard from Joe yet.

With love.

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