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Date: November 3rd 1918

Nov 3/18

Dear Hazel -

This is Sunday evening so instead of calling and perhaps going to church will write a few lines. I rec'd your letter of Oct 14 this morning and you mentioned that Lee being at home reminded you of old times. Well Hazel your letter had exactly the same effect on me. I sure would like to be in Canada tonight and perhaps go to church at Lobo. I haven't been at a church service for over three months but I hope to be able to go out soon in a chair. It would be quite a treat to go to church again.

I received the magazines you sent but the chocolates haven't arrived yet. Thanks very much Hazel I am sure it was kind and thoughtful of you to send them. I was the most popular chap in the ward as soon as I opened the magazines. The chocolates will be enjoyed (by me only tho) as much as the magazines. It is very difficult to get decent sweets over here and of course impossible to procure any in the hospital canteen. Of course the sister will have to get a couple of chocolates as she is rather sore on me just now but I think the majority will be devoured by pte J.A.M.

It is after tea time now and I should be in bed and the sister is casting her eye in my direction so I may have to finish this in bed. I guess I will be here for a long time yet. My foot is not much better but my other wounds are pretty well healed. I can't move my foot at all and my ankle is useless and perhaps always will be. At that I consider myself lucky.

The war news is good now isn't it with Austria and Turkey out of action and Germany likely to follow soon. Still I don't suppose we would get home for a long time even if the war should end right away. I guess the men in hospitals would stay here until cured and allow the fighting men a chance to get back. Of course we have had a taste of civilization here and they haven't had any for some time so it would be quite fair.

I'll bet Lee is glad to be back again and I am very glad that he is looking so well - He certainly wasn't looking that way when I saw him last. Of course that was over a year ago and he has lots of time to improve since then. I see by the paper that the subs have practically stopped sinking ships now. That is very good news as it will let the allies get their goods and troops across uninterrupted and the transport has been and is the big problem for the Yanks.

This is a very long letter for me so I think I will close. Please remember me to all of the folks and also tell Lee that I soon may be going back too.


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