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Date: November 2nd 1916


Nov 2/16

Read my other letter first.

Dear Hazel -

I wrote you one letter today already but here goes another. I guess two a day is pretty near a record isn't it. I was busy and was being bothered when I wrote the other one so I will try and do better this time.

This paper is off a pad that I had sent from home so I take particular pleasure in writing on it. I got a fine box from the Ladies Aid at Poplar Hill and they included a pad in the outfit which consisted mostly of soap and towels, which of course I needed very badly. Say did you ever see my fountain pen. All the boys are continually making fun of it. It holds nearly a whole bottle of ink. The reason I got it was that I knew I would write quite long letters to you and I didn't want to have to stop to fill it before I got thru.

The camp here is a regular sea of mud and we have one awful job to get around at all. The bunch that left here yesterday were about the dirtiest bunch I ever saw and the huts were one awful mess. We scrubbed everything thoroughly before we came in. By the way that is one accomplishment, scrubbing, that may come useful someday. I am sure that you are glad that I know how to do it. Of course I shouldn't take too much for granted but I think sometimes that someday we will be living together. Altho we never agreed on any such course I always imagined that it was understood. Am I wrong. After this war is over we will soon fix all that won't we. Well Hazel as you would say I am getting a (little!) sentimental and that won't do at all altho every soldier is supposed to have his own love affair - I nearly put an s on affair but I didn't mean to because that would be wrong.

I hear tonight that we may go to Southsea to camp soon. It doesn't make much difference to me as we are pretty used to moving now. We have almost made a record in that line.

The general opinion here is that the war will not last for another winter and perhaps not another fall. We all hope that it won't because when one thinks about it it is very crazy for men to have to kill each other altho it seems to be necessary in this case and we know that our efforts will help to bring about peace. They attach a lot of importance over here to the election in the U.S.

They seem to think that it may help to decide the issue of the war. The soldiers are all very bitter on the States and wouldn't hesitate at all to fight them if necessary. Of course that is rather foolish at least I think so as the majority of the Americans are of the same blood as we are.

Well Hazel keep on writing letters to me just as you have been. I enjoy them very much they are just the kind that I enjoy. I am sorry if sometimes my letters lack a little in warmth but it is rather hard to write a good letter under some conditions. If neither of us change and I hope we won't we will make up for all this "after the war", whenever that is.

I am glad to hear that Joe is likely to be married soon. I am sure he will be happy and "live happy ever afterwards" the same as we will won't we?

Well Hazel my pen is nearly dry

Yours with love

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