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Date: July 29th 1916

29 July 1916

Camp Borden

Dear Hazel -

I suppose you think that letters are coming pretty thick from here but as we have lots of time for writing and (pleasure)? I don't think I could spend a few minutes more pleasantly than writing to you. I rec'd your letter and was glad to get it. I got it on my birthday and thanks for your kind wishes. We are not working very hard just now as there are so few here. Next week we will be packing up so I suppose we will have to work then.

Sorry to hear of John T's loss. I suppose however that he has such a capable the wife that he won't mind the terrible loss etc.

We have been having a big time here at nights in fact just loads of fun. I would really enjoy being here if it weren't for the dust heat meals and work etc.

You said in your letter that I had omitted to send something in my last letter. Of course you know that I meant it even if I did not send it. I am rather young and bashful Hazel so forgive me for the omission. I will try and not let it occur again!

The Noble Lee has not turned up yet nor have I heard from him. We are starting musketry probably on Sunday or Monday so that won't be so bad as I like shooting. There is some talk around camp tonight that we are not going overseas for about 2 weeks but I think It is only a rumor. We hear so many of them around here. I saw in the paper that Margaret Williams and her guy nearly went over the dam at Springbank - I think she missed the opportunity when she did not go over too. I suppose that isn't nice but I think its true enough

Lee has about 1 doz letters here for him. I tried to find out who they were from but failed. Well I guess that is about all just now. I suppose you will be going to Detroit soon Be sure and send your address as I have the writing fever, Well Hazel I send you a whole load of love to you. You know how much that is, I will do my best to prove myself worthy of your love and respect

Good night

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