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Date: January 20th 1916

368 Princess Ave

Jan 20/16

Dear Hazel -

I suppose you will think I am a great one for not writing sooner but really I didn't get any note paper until today and as you will notice it is only the 15¢ kind. Thats what it is to be in the army. We have a fine boarding place There are four Collegiate and one other girl here also. Buelah Kidd is one of them She is a peach and her friend Mary Mcfarlane is a nice one also. We were at the Winter Garden on Tuesday night. It was a fancy dress affair and there was an awful crowd. We were at the show on Monday night. Tonight we are going to a Collegiate Skating party at Westminster rink. Last night we played Euchre and danced and nearly got kicked out. Our Landlady is fine and her husband is a nice fellow too. I dont know whether we will get off on Sat. or not. We put in our request for a leave of absence over Sunday but I do not know whether we will get off or not. If we do will see you about 2. on Sat afternoon at Smallman's that is of course if you would come to knock around with me. We have to report at 9 until 10.30 and at 2 until 3.30 or 4. We got up at 8.30 this morning and were pretty nearly late. We see Neville nearly every day. Saw Roy Smith this morning also Norm Gadsby. We have had two route marches already and were pretty sore after them I expect we will have to drill all this week any way. The girls here were down to hear Harry Lauder last night and report a good time. Walt Stevenson went last night. I suppose you were at Mt Brydges last night. Some one told me you were going but I guess maybe it was just to make me feel bad. Walt Harris went out but we didnt see him this morning. Well it is dinner time now so I guess I will stop if possible will see you on Sat.

So goodbye


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