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Date: January 2nd 1917

Jan 2/17

Dear Hazel -

I have a few minutes to spare so will write a few lines. I haven't any news at all and a very rotten pen so this will have to be very brief. I must tell you about our new years celebrations.

On New Year's eve we went to bed at the usual time but no one seemed inclined to sleep so we sang songs for a while. We soon tired of that so we started a rugby game in the hut. We chose up sides and laid down the rules. No one was allowed to wear anything but a shirt and that rule was strictly adhered to. We had a very exciting game in the dark for about an hour and a half and when we stopped you couldn't find a window in the place. That was about 11.30. We all went to bed then to rest until 11.45. Some evil minded guys started throwing water in thru the windows and some of blankets are wet yet. At 11.45 practically the whole batt was outside in the regulation dress for the evening (shirts). The pipers (and others) were pretty well pickled and we had some parade. We were the only battn allowed out and we made good use of our time. The celebrations lasted until about 2 oclock when we were all very glad to get back to bed. On new years the battn had games and sports all day. I played in two games of rugby and have been half dead ever since. I have a lovely heel mark on my face too where someone decided to step.

In the evening we had arranged for a dinner at the Angel Hotel Godalming I forgot. We had a splendid dinner at noon provided by the Toronto Telegram. When we went into the dining room for dinner we discovered 2 colonels and their wives and 4 majors there. The place is quite swell so we weren't much surprised at that. There were 15 buck privates in our bunch and we had just nicely settled down when in walked General Leckie and his staff. Now I'll say we are particular about the company we keep. We had a fine dinner Roast turkey potatoes etc. plum pudding mince pie. celery & cheese and all kinds of fruits and last but not least champagne & cigars. No one got pickled and we had a good time. It cost us about $4.00 a piece but of course we are all wealthy guys? and didn't mind that at all. At any rate we had the best New Year that most of us ever had. I don't know when we will leave but I guess soon

With lots of love.

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