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Date: December 29th 1918

Orpington Kent
Dec 29/18

Dear Hazel.

This is Sunday evening so I am going to spend a short while with you. Before long I have the nerve to hope that perhaps I will be really spending some of the evenings with you. I haven't been boarded yet but expect it any day now. Do you know I actually tried to walk without crutches today and got along fine altho it hurt some. By the time I get back I may be able to get along with a stick.

I rec'd a lovely xmas box from you last night and let me tell you I appreciate it very much. You have been awfully good to me ever since I came away and I am sure it was very kind of you to send such a nice big box. Of course it was a couple of days late for xmas but I am glad it was. It could not have arrived at a better time to suit me. You mentioned something in your letter about the socks. Why I think they are perfectly splendid altho I can only wear one at a time Your cake is great too and of course Boomers chocolates - nuff said Also please thank your friend who sent the cakes - I am enjoying them very much. I am glad you sent the magazines too - there are some fine stories in them. We can't buy any American magazines around here but of course they can be had in London.

I suppose you will think I am getting very attentive lately - Two letters in three days - you will likey receive them both at once. I have been lying in my bed smoking my pipe and thinking of old times and wondering what it will be like to get home again- hence this letter. No doubt every thing has changed an awful lot and I suppose you have all changed too. You will hardly know me I guess. I am getting fat again now but have changed a lot. I guess I look about 30 and am getting quite bald. Of course I am only 25 and really just a kid yet compared with some folks I know - ahem - If I remember rightly I am a few years your junior. Of course I don't mean to imply that you are an old maid - not at all - You never will be if - Well I guess I had better stop. Please keep on writing but don't send any more parcels as I don't expect to be here for more than a month or so.

Yours Sincerely

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