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Date: December 17th 1916

Dec 17/16

Dear Hazel -

I guess it is about time for me to write another letter to you. I wrote one nearly every day for a while so I thought I had better not write so often or my letters might not be a bit interesting - They are bad enough as they are I know.

This is Sunday afternoon and a cheerless one at that. It is rather chilly outside and I haven't seen the sun for weeks. I don't think after all that I will settle down and live over here altho I might change my mind. I would like to know just what you heard from Joe. I am sure he has been misinformed as far as I am concerned anyway because I know that I am certainly not having some time with the girls over here. When we were in Scotland we had quite a little fun but since then I haven't spoken to a girl except the ones in the shops. I hope Hazel that you don't think I am having a good time over here with girls and keep telling you that I am not.

I don't know yet whether we will get away at Xmas or not. I applied for a pass to Scotland but I am not sure whether I will get it or not. I would like to go up there with my kilts on. Lee says he doesn't want a pass - I don't know why but I can guess.

I just wrote a letter to Leah Zavitz. Someone told me that Earl didn't love her any more so I was just giving her a little advice - I suppose I have no licence to do it as she is older than I am. I suppose you know that Leah & I were pretty chummy once upon a time and still are very good friends. I don't mind telling you - we write pretty regularly to each other and write some very confidential stuff believe me. Well I guess I had better not write anymore about her because you might get sore - now would you - I don't think so.

I expect to go to Church tonight with Bill & George. We are going out to supper first and church afterwards. I attend the English church regularly now of course I have a good reason - There are no others to go to. Anyway I like the service quite well and it is rather amusing to watch the antics of some of the people.

I suppose Xmas will be over by the time you get this and you will be starting back to school again. I don't expect my pass until New Years so will be starting my holidays when you are finishing. McAlpine and I bought our xmas dinner yesterday at least we paid for and reserved our table. I hope we get a pass for xmas day anyway. There hasn't been a draft for quite a little while now and we are working pretty steadily again now. Some say we are a reserve battalion but we are not sure of that. From now on signallers are not sent with infantry drafts so we may have quite a stay here yet.

All the boys have bad colds and one could hardly hear the Chaplain this morning at church for coughing. I have quite a bad cough myself but I don't think I have the Con. The weather here is rotten just now so damp and cold. Say did you ever take a cold shower bath. If you haven't just try one. I have the habit now and rather like them. A bunch of our fellows went on a foraging expedition to some Duke's woods and pinched a lot of wood so we have been fairly comfortable today. We are supposed to burn coal but we don't get enough to keep a good fire burning all the time. Soft coal is 8£ a ton or $45 - what do you think of that.

Well Hazel I think this letter is rather a peculiar accumulation of dope but I have been interrupted quite a few times so I know you will pardon me. I must get fussed up for this evening now so will have to stop. With lots of love my dear little girl and wishes for a very happy new year.


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