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Date: August 7th 1916

7 Aug 1916

Camp Borden

From No. 802588

Dear Hazel -

Received your letter today from Detroit. Am glad to hear that you got there safely and are having a good time. Detroit is certainly a good place to have a good time in.

We are still stranded in H____ as you will notice but expect to go any time as our sister battn the 134 Highlanders went last night and we should be away from here by Thursday at the latest. We have been going to go so often that we can never believe any rumor that we hear. We are all ready to go now in about half an hours notice so it won't take long to get out of here

Had a letter from Mildred Young yesterday. She said her chum was coming to Angus to teach in Sept. I wish she had come sooner as I would have a little on all the fellows if I could get a girl that I really knew There are so many of the other kind floating around this camp. Today is Toronto's Civic holiday and there are a lot of visitors here today (Monday) It is raining here now like the dickens a very good thing as there are several bush and grass fires here everyday. It never rains in the morning however so we don't get any holidays. We have had an inspection nearly every day now for a couple of weeks by Brig or Brig Gen or Col somebody or other. I enjoy them very much.

They are making great improvements here. Every branch of the service is represented here by a training area I don't think I will stay at signalling when I get to England as I think I would like a different branch of the service better However us trained signallers are scarce I may not be able to get out of it very easy.

I suppose Irene will enjoy herself there she always has a good time no matter where she is. I will try and answer her letter soon as I enjoyed the one she sent me very much

The boys here are all tickled to death to know that we are going to leave here soon. We are not a bit anxious to stay here Under different circumstances it would be different Mildred said that the fellows from Niagara Camp liked it here so we must have had it too easy in London.

Well Hazel you may write any letters to C B until I write you different The letters will be forwarded to England I guess it would be better to send my no 802588

Will write you from Halifax if possible and let you know when we go Will close this letter by sending my very best you know what that is and hope you have a dandy visit in Detroit. Will send any letters after this to Komoka as I do not know how long you will be in D. Sent a snap of our section yesterday Hope you get it all right We were in our old clothes and dirty as we just came off parade
Loads of love

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