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Date: April 4th 1917

April 4/17

Dear Hazel -

Rec'd a letter from you today and of course I feel exceptionally good after reading it. We are still in quarantine and letters are doubly appreciated now as we get a little lonely sometimes. You see we are isolated and no one is allowed to come near us except the guards

We had a bathing parade this morning and also had a chance to wash our clothes. I made an exceptionally good job of mine and am getting some valuable experience along that line that may be useful in future years. One advantage in washing one's own clothes is that I get get my hands clean once a week anyway.

I got a letter from my cousin in Sarnia today. She is some girl alright and makes love to me all the time. Really I know you would be quite jealous if you knew some of the dope she writes to me. After all she is only about seventeen and is my cousin so you should worry. If she were about twenty two now that would be rather a serious affair.

So you are twenty three now! Well I suppose it isn't your fault and am glad you admit it. You are not an old maid yet so that is probably the reason you admit your age. At any rate I knew just how old you are and was quite aware that you were about the same age as I am.

Well dear I hope you wont be offended at my talking about our age but I wrote all that dope before I thought what I was writing - not. Dinner has just arrived so I guess I will have to hurry this up as my stomach waits for no one - not even you. I don't expect that there will be much to eat as rations are usually short and they don't look after us very well here.

Am sending a couple of snaps. They aren't very good. The one of the group is a bunch that cleaned up on every battalion in the division in signalling both in rapid transmission of messages and flag work so you see we are quite a clever bunch in spite of many rumours to the contrary.

Well Hazel there is nothing to write about as usual, so I had better end this short and eat my dinner.

Loads of Love

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