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Date: April 16th 1915
Mr. Field
James Lynch

Halifax, April 12, 1915


Gunner James J. Lynch of the Royal Field Artillery, writes Mr. F.M. Field. K. C., from 'Patriot's League of Honour,' 37 Carloil Street, Newcastle-on- Tyne, a most interesting letter recounting his experiences, from which we are privileged to quote as follows:

Dear Mr. Field:
It was a great pleasure to me to receive your letter of February 11th. Sorry to hear you sent me a letter to the G.P .0. London, which was returned to you. I enquired several times at the G. P. 0. London but was always told there was nothing for me. However I am glad to have received this one from you, as you say I did not have a chance to write from France. Even if I had got the chance, I would not have been allowed to say more than a few words as to my health, etc. Well, Mr. Field, you will be glad to hear I am quite fit again and ready to go back to the front. I do not know just how soon I may go back now that the blockade is on I may say I am not particularly anxious to return just yet. I fancy Lord Kitchener intends to put a large number of men on the field in the course of a week or two. There is no doubt as to the issue of this war but I feel it is going to be won at a fearful cost, Cobourg is certainly doing its bit towards helping the Empire. I shall be delighted to receive copies of The Cobourg World. I had a letter from Mr. Taylor of Cherrywood about two weeks, go. Give my regards to all who know me in Cobourg. I shall let you know anything that may likely to interest you later; meanwhile I shall always be glad to hear from you. Thanking you for all your past kindness, I remain,
Yours faithfully,