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Date: June 22nd 1917
T.C. Lapp


Sergt. T. C. Lapp, who resigned as foreman of the Ontario Office, Belleville, to enlist in the 225th Battalion, writes from Otterpool Camp, England, of their voyage across as follows:

'At Halifax we first became acquainted with the censor so that details of our trip across the Atlantic will have to be excluded beyond saying we came via the C.P.R. Liner 'Metagama' and that the weather was fine all the way across. Of the methods used to protect us from submarines and possibly raiders let me say that the Germans will have another guess coming if they think that they can bring Britain to her knees by using submarines. The inventive genius behind the navy is meeting the present emergency in such a way that submarines will become a useless weapon in a short time, unless greatly improved.'

Referring to their trip through England and arrival at Otterpool he says:

'the English people all along the line had a cheer for us, shouting 'Hello Canadians,' They are far more demonstrative than the Canadian people.'

'We are well fed here. The food is necessarily plain, but substantial. The food problem is an every day topic of conversation. To-day's paper says that the matter is well in hand and that by careful conservation of supply, it will be sufficient until the coming harvest. The Government has decided to regulate the prices in order to prevent anyone taking excessive profits. Drastic steps have also been taken to prevent waste. Luxuries such as chocolates, foreign fruits, and canned fruits are very expensive.'