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Date: January 17th 1917
Mother and Father
Wilfred Lajoie

To his father and mother, Corporal Lajoie sends the following note:

Well, I suppose you often times wonder if I am in England yet. Well, I am, but I am tickled all over to know that I am about to go over to see Fritz and give him some lead and steel. Cheer up, say a prayer for me and I will do the rest. I am trying to get some photos taken before I go, to show you people at home how much happier a Canadian feels when he is about to meet Fritz.

I am going to Communion, to-morrow, Christmas Day. I had a box to-day from Jack and a letter from Anna. Say, mother, get a tin box and send me over some candies, homemade, and maple sugar. That is all I want.
Your loving son,

Corp. W.P. Lajoie, 314723, Canadian Siege Reserves, Army Post Office, London.