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Date: April 22nd 1918

22 . 4 . 18

My darling Girl

Your long & interesting letter of 14th to hand OK. How rotten about that cottage I do hope you will be successful in getting the one you were looking at in Gwernaffield. Just got the parcel tonight tell the kiddies how delighted I was with the Easter egg & little Eric's contribution, will present some little French youngster with the Easter egg case & also ducks in basket before we leave here as one cant carry these things around. Thank Eunice for me for the tobacco & I shall write to her & Will in a day or two. We made another move last night further from the line so dont worry. Had a good hot bath this a m & a change of underclothing so feel much better but am bothered with a rash on arms & body which hurts like h-ll, shall have to see the M.O. about it tomorrow. Am glad you are taking photos taken [sic] of yourself & kiddies shall be looking forward to receiving one. No dear, the Seperation [sic] Allowance will not be cut down, if it is let me know & also write to the chief paymaster, the slip refers to allowance to me. No I did not hear that G. Pownall had been reported killed, however his wife would have received the first intimation, so it's no good listening to rumours or reports in cases of that kind, am glad there was nothing in it. Fondest love to kiddies & yourself, love to Will, Eunice & Iris, kind regards to Nibua Ts & Sarra Raen .

Your loving hubby,