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Date: April 17th 1918

17 . 4 . 18

My darling

Well sweetheart it is 6 days since I wrote my last letter & even that has not gone yet, the fact is we were in the front line for that period & letters cant be sent from there, it was a hard trip the whole time almost on duty 5 hrs on & 3 off. We got here on reserve 2 a m this date. One morning at stand to, just breaking day I was standing by a Lewis gun port, all at once a voice says "Hello Jim" turned out to be Douglas Cox had several talks with him as he is in the platoon I am temporarily in command of. Have had three of your letters since I last wrote dated April 7th 9th & one which has eventually caught me up dated March 14 written when you were in Godalming enclosing Will's letter about the cottage, I think the terms are very reasonable indeed & that you were mighty lucky to secure it, am now waiting for your next letter hoping to hear you are comfortably settled. That's a good arrangement for Frank & Gwladys to write me every week I must try & answer all their letters. Bye the bye dear you havn't told me what your costume is like hope you liked it & that it suits you ,you know I like you to look pretty jake. Rather a coincidence you renting the same cottage that mother used to live in, she will feel quite at home when she visits you. Was very sorry to hear that Jeanie had lost her little girl, poor girl she must feel it intensely especially at that age. Well sweetheart, I cant give you very much news, we are alright so far, not many casualties, & you will understand dear that whenever there is a delay in getting my letters it is because I cant get them away, & always in this game no news is good news. Fondest love to you & chicks.

Your loving,