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Date: July 27th 1917
M.A. James


Mine Blowing In Belgium

Sapper KELMAN in a letter to Mr. M.A. James of the Bowmanville Statesman written July 8th, from 'Somewhere in Belgium" gives a short, graphic account of some of the horrors of modem war. He says:

We had a very fine sight as a war scene about a month ago when we blew our mine along with several other mines. It was a fine sight for us fellows after working down in good old mother earth tunneling for some months. The prisoners brought in after the mine blowing said it seemed as if the whole earth opened up on them and with all our guns opening up at the same time, the barrage was very intense. It was beyond my powers to describe but it was awful. If a soldier were to stand on the edge of one shell hole he could not step any way without stepping into another shell hole so numerous had shells been sent over.