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Date: October 22nd 1915
Mother and Father
M.J. Gormley

Bomb. M.J. Gormley Writes

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Gormley have received following interesting letter from their son:

I have been very busy, that is my reason for not writing. We are all fine and happy. We have been in two engagements and I am writing this while we are waiting to open fire again. It is fine sport and we all like the game O.K. The French are fighting wonderfully. The divisions have broken through the German lines. I cannot tell where we are but we are quite comfortable. The country is lighted at night by the bursting of star shells. Aircraft are flying overhead at all hours during the day especially when we stand action. The Germans have opened fire. The shells are dropping about 100 yards from where we are with our Huns, so in a few minutes we will send them some souvenirs. Tell Baker that I got his card and will write him as soon as possible. The big shells make a noise just like a street car while they are going through the air, but when they hit, one would think it was a hole the size of a steam shovel.

Tell Mrs. Ivey and Mrs. Crozier that the boys are well and enjoy the - fine. Also tell Wagner, Dave is O.K. and we often speak of the times together. If the allies keep up the good work I believe the Huns will be all cleaned up in the spring. The weather has been exceptionally good up to the present and we hope that it will continue for an indefinite period, as we expect to show the foes of civilization what the whelps are made of. The popular song has been 'Its A Long Way to Tipperary,' but for the Battery it is 'The Maple Leaf For Ever,' and we intend that Germany shall know that there is such a nation as Canada that must be reckoned with. The shells are flying again and I must bring this to a close.