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Date: November 9th 1917
E.S. Deynes


Gunner E. S. DENYES, who went overseas with a recent Heavy Battery draft wrote from France on Oct. 2nd as follows:

After being for a month in England, a draft of fifty men was called for to reinforce the battery I am now in. I consented at once to give up my leave to which I was entitled and the day I set foot on French soil was a proud one for me. Jack McIntosh was the only Belleville boy besides myself to come over with the first draft. He is at the present time up with the other half of our Battery, which was divided after we arrived at the base, where there are also four other Cobourg boys.

We have been frequently under shell fire (Censored), while at the other half we could see the British offensive in the north which was wonderful. We figured that the British guns were sending over about ten shells to one that Fritz was sending back. I shall never forget the sight - the red flashing of the eighteen pounder up to the white flash of the huge guns. The S.O.S. Call of the Germans for help could be plainly seen.