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Date: July 14th 1916
R.J. Craig


Mrs. R.J. Craig received a letter on Tuesday from her son, Lieut, C.S. Craig, who is in a hospital at Rouen, stating that he was getting along well. He said that he had just received a letter from Major Ralston, stating that the shell that got him (Craig) killed two of his men. (It is presumed that these are the casualties referred to by Norman McIntosh in the letter in this week's World.)

Lieutenant Craig states that the sisters in the hospital are very good to him. We had a feeling, he says, when we went into the trench that night that we were not coming out.

Lieut. Craig says that he was wounded about six o'clock. There were no stretchers available to take him out, and about 11 p.m. he started to crawl along the trench which was filled with dead and wounded men. 'It took me until about 2:30,' he says, 'to make about two miles. I could only crawl a few yards and then get a drink of water from one of the supports. Corporal McDougall helped me along as best he could.'

Lieut. Craig states that his ribs are healing up nicely, but the hole in his side, caused by a piece of shell is giving some trouble. The Doctors, he says hope to have him out of the hospital in about a month.