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Date: October 27th 1916

Pte. Harold K. Bell, son of Mr. A.M. Bell, Cobourg R.R. No.6, who last week was reported wounded, writes as follows, his letter being dated September 30th.

Dear Mother:
I received your most welcome letter yesterday. I happened to see the boys coming back, at least what was left of them. We were in one of the big fights that have come off lately and got what we went after but lost pretty heavily, but nothing to what the Germans did. I got a dose of shrapnel in the face, at least three pieces, just before we reached the first line, but stayed until we had it, and was going on, then I made my way back towards the dressing station taking some prisoners with me. I am now at the fifth field ambulance rest camp and now working in the dining room. I think if the pieces don't bother me any more than they are now, I will let them stay. One is the lump on my forehead, one in the corner of my right eye, not damaging it; the other on the left cheek bone.

Yes, my feet are better now, and if you knew how much marching we have had the last month or two, you would wonder how we stood it all. Mine got very sore for a while but bandaged them up and went on.
Sergt. Cuff is wounded but E. Burnard, Jack Allen and Earl Travail are all right.

I guess I will close for this time and don't worry for I am all right and tell mammie I got her letter and will try and write later.
I am as well as can be expected hoping this reaches you all enjoying the best of health.
Yours truly,

No. 47809 No. 1 Co., 15th Battalion, 48th Highlanders, C.E.F., France.

Oct. 2nd
As I did not get this letter away on the mail, I must now tell you that I have shifted down to the seaside and believe me it is some place. It is cold and rainy to-day, yet it is claimed to be the leading summer resort.