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Date: March 17th 1916
T.S. Chatterton

Mr. T.S. Chatterton has received the following letter, which will be read with much Pleasure by our citizens. Lt.-Col. Donald Armour's kind thoughtfulness for Cobourg we feel will be much appreciated.

The Queen's Canadian Military Hospital,
Beachborough Park, Shorncliffe,
March 12th, 1916.

My Dear Chatterton:
In your letter of August 17th last enclosing Mrs. Charles E. Speer's draft, you spoke of a little brass plate somewhere 'to say what dear old Cobourg has done for our hospital and the wounded soldiers. Now I can tell you fully how - applying the funds received from Cobourg and Cobourg people.

We have been in sore need of a proper operating theatre ever since the hospital opened. We have been using a small room which we fitted up as best as we could, but it is cramped, unventilated and inconvenient. Since building the addition to the hospital - has been more marked than ever, and there has been added to it the necessity of carrying the wounded from one building to another and up a flight of stairs, all of which it is useless to explain, does not make for the well being of the patients.

I am having built and it is almost ready for use an operating block attached to the new main building. It consists of an operating theatre, anaesthizing room, a sterilizing room, and - rooms for the preparation and storage of dressings. It is on the same (ground level) as the main building and patients will now be lifted from their beds onto the operating trolley presented by the Girl's Friendly Society, St. Peter's Church, Cobourg, run right into the operating theatre where they will be lifted onto the table presented by the Cobourg people resident in Winnipeg, and operated on by the Surgeon-in-chief (presented by Cobourg.)
I propose to call the building 'The Cobourg, Ont. Operating Block' and have it set forth on a plate as it has been provided by monies subscribed by the people of Cobourg and immediate vicinity.
I am having a number of photos taken of various views of the exterior and interior which I will send to the Mayor and ask him to exhibit them to the townspeople that may see what a magnificent gift of un[?]eled usefulness they have made to the cause of our wounded soldiers. I will be grateful if you will make the contents of this letter known to those who have so generously come to our aid, that they may known to what a noble and practical use their gifts have been translated and [?] and a blessing they have con [?] on our brave men by placing for my use a modern fully-equipped operating block, which is a very great help to me and the envy of all who see it.
Yours very sincerely,
T .S. Chatterton,
Metropolitan Bank, Cobourg, Ontario.
[The [?] indicates the parts that were in the newspaper crease on the microfi1m reproduction]