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Date: May 28th 1915
Mrs. Buckler

Mrs. Fred Buckler has received two letters from Fred Adams, who went from here with the 40th Regiment to the front, and who, it is feared, was the Fred Adams who last week was reported missing. Mr. Adam's many friends here were very pleased to get word from him and to know he is safe and well. In the first dated May 2nd, he says:

Dear Aunt:
This is the first day they have allowed us to write letters since this battle began and I have no doubt you are anxious to hear from me. Well, we have lost an awful lot of our fellows, and to those of us who are left it seems just a miracle that any of us came through alive. How I did not get hit I do not know, but I was one of the lucky ones that got through it without a scratch, although I got several bullet holes through my clothes. About two brigades of Canadians held about five times as many Germans. It would have done you good to see the boys. I did not see one show the white feather, but each had a set face and went right at it. We held the Germans and charged them back until they started to use that awful gas, and they forced the French on our left to retreat. So we had to retreat too or we would have been cut right off. It was just a nightmare, a hell, retreating across the ground, with the Jack Johnsons digging great holes and the shrapnel raining down upon us, and the bullets striking everywhere. We could see the boys falling everywhere, and it was just awful to hear them cry out. Thank goodness the Artillery and English reinforcements came up when they did and drove the Germans off. Our machine gun sergeant is to be recommended for the V.C. He sure is a brave man, and he is very badly wounded. Our machine gun wiped out hundreds of Germans. Poor Tom Smith of Cobourg. Tom is gone. I am very sorry for Mrs. Bolster, but Major Bolster died a brave death. He was the last of his company to leave the trench and he had a smile on his face. We have lost two of our guns and there are only eleven of us left out of the section. Well all the boys did the best they could and I for one am ready to do it again, only I hope the war will soon end, for the sake of the poor parents, wives and sweethearts of all the soldiers. Still I thank God that I am spared and always pray that He will soon end the war. With Love.