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Date: July 10th 1917

Weybridge park
Weybridge, Surrey
July 10, 1917.

Dear Mackie,-

It is a long time since I have written you but I have been on the move so much I didn't have much time to write. Another reason is that I have had no mail since a month ago and it is hard to keep on writing when you get no answers.

I suppose you are still at Grandpa's. Do you like it there as well as at home? I suppose you get a bit lonesome for the others sometimes. Just imagine what it is like being where you don't know a single soul!

Well, flying is certainly fine sport and you don't mind it a bit. I suppose everyone is busy haying over there. What do you do? Drive the horses, I suppose.

Does the juvenile Haines float around occasionally? Or have you got another flame? Or have you decided to be manless this summer? That is the best way in summer anyway - you can have more fun without a "steady" but the rest of the year one comes in handy for dances, skating, movies, etc.

Really I do not know what to write about so I had better close with the promise to write again soon.

Lots of love,

your brother