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Date: May 13th 1898
Mother and Hannah

Camp Ramsey
May 13th

Dear Mother and Hannah. I receved your most welcome letter this P.M. and as I have been asleep nearly all day. I can sit up a while to night and write a few lines. Chas Carrol and I went to Mpes last Wednesday night. it was late when we started and had to be back at 11.PM or else be put in the guard house. We missed our car that arrived at camp at that hour which is 8 miles by car so we started to walk about lam so as to be at camp at 6am for Roll call the guard line opens at 5.30 am we were directed a short cut which is about five miles and to be sure we got on the wrong road and I think we walked about 50 miles more or less but got in Camp just in time for Roll call I having a nice large blister on my foot Charley went to bed but it was my luck to on police duty it aint like the jobs they have in the city & you have to help in the cook house and clean up the barricks and then it came our Co's turn for guard duty last night well I was pretty sleepy but pulled through all right

I called where Jack Mopes is working but he had gone home so I left my card. Was up to the West Hotel in Mpes which is larger than the Spaulding and got a nice shower bath and a plunge in a large pond and my head clipped I got a light cold from it we all got colds more or less was up to see the Dr this am and he gave me some pills I feel better tonight my cold is loosened.

The "pi" was OK have got some of the "jam" left yet I made hot drinks of it mixed with lemons the Dul people sent this box Sunday the pickles lasted about two minutes every body liked them there is about one or two boxes of "goodies" arriving every day for some one of the boys & they divide up with their comrade.on a whole there is a lot of nice fellows there are a few non Commisoned officers like to show their athority. but we treat them very cool. It is a good thing that the fire you had in Duluth did not happen in the night or there would surely be some human lives lost I suppose there were lots of them lost lost I do not mean human.We are having warm days but the nights are a little chilly I dont think that Chas Parsons was sent home on act conduct I think that he did not pass or he may have passed and they did not need him every Co had from 10 to 30 more men than they needed and they picked the best of them. The Bidwell you speak of is a major has command of 4 companys there are three majors in a Regt.I think Geo Clennents was mistaken about the S soldiers being drunk I have not seen one under the influence of liquor on the grounds they will not allow it there was a "blind pig" started on the grounds but they drove them off then they went out side the grounds and started to sell, and last night when we were on guard a large croud of the boys went down after the arrival of a large wagon load of beer and liquor and picked up tents and wrapped the propriitors in them and set fire to the goods but there were some of the boys who did not like to see it burn so they started to help themselves. anyone I seen corning over the line with it I arrested them the result was 11 prisoners and 23 bottles of beer I dont know what they are going to do with the prisoners the officers took charge of the boose. The Y.M.C.A. is full up now there is an old G.A.R man giving the boys some very good advice.

I think I have had my picture taken a dozen or more times on different groops but have not been able to get one yet except the one Mrs Dovy gave me which is not a verry good one of me as I was in the back ground will have one taken when we get our uniforms they have got our measure for them now expect them every day and there are no St Paul or Mpes young ladies to get any as I have no acquaintes but have had lots of chances the boys in blue seem to charm themthere are dispatches coming in every hour or so about our Regt going away we are going to every place on the Globe, the latest is Chicmaguma tenn. The Officers say that it is reliable that we go monday We are now called the 14th Regt.I did not join this with the expectation of a picnic and will be very much dissipointedif we can not do something for our country as I have made a complete failure of civilian life and will try to leave a foot print in the sand of time if it is Gods willwill have to Say good night taps are blowing with love to all

P.S. Adress Co.G. 14th Regt.

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