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Date: September 11th 1917

Tuesday, September 11th.

I am very fit and keeping safe - as much as one can over here. The work is easing up a bit lately and we don't see quite so many Huns. Had to laugh over your saying, "don't let a Hun get an Iron Cross." Not if I can help it - believe you me!! I am not that important yet!

At six thirty I went on patrol about five miles over the lines. We were at 15000 ft. looking for a scrap but no Huns came near. The "Archie" was very bad but we dodged them and kept them guessing.

"Archie" is nothing much to bother about but sometimes they put them fairly close.

Later - September 11th.

I was flying a new machine, very high powered and it is a peach.

On Sunday while at the Aircraft Depot I saw a huge Hun bombing machine that had been hit direct by "Archie" a few nights ago when bombing over our way. I saw the machine nose dive at the time when all the searchlights were on it. The occupants burned the bus on landing; it is all steel and some machine I guess. Thanks very much for sending Viv's letter.

I wrote you a couple of days ago about a certain chap who dropped in and had tea with us. He is missing today and I guess the Huns are very jubilant.

Well, Dad, this is about all for tonight. I'm very tired and am on an early show at 5.30, weather permitting. The mist has been very heavy in the early morning lately and we don't at all mind!! I am exceedingly well and going strong.

Write soon and give me all the news.