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Date: July 1st 1917


My dear Edith

I have two of your letters to answer, and am getting busy while I have a few moments.

I am going to London tomorrow, and if I feel right might call and see the King, and I wont forget to mention the Glen in my conversation. I suppose school has closed for the summer months, and you are extremely glad. How did you get on in school, - well I trust.

There must be a fine lot of records for your gramophone, as every week or so a couple new ones are bought - and guess the gramophone is kept - Does Grandma milk the cows to a tune on the gramo.

Thanks very much for your birthday wishes.

I wish I could write a nice long letter like yours, but I can't manage it as I am not exactly in a mood for writing. However, it is merely a note, so that you won't think I have forgotten you altogether.

Give my regards to Olga, if she still is in your district, also to yourself.

Hoping you are well,

Yours to a cinder


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Original Scans