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Date: July 19th 1915

Valcartier Camp Khaki Club

Valcartier Camp, P.Q.

July 19th, 1915

Dear Edith:-

I was very glad to hear from you and decided to answer it at once, as I have so many letters to answer, but am glad to know that my friends have not forgotten to write me, as reading a letter down here is very enjoyable.

There are quite a few ball games down here, but I have only played twice. In this Club where I am writing this letter there are books, papers, magazines, a piano, musical box, cards, and also a very small billiard table, they also serve soft drinks, ice cream, tea, etc, so that you can see that you don't have time to be lonesome, but strange to say I hardly ever play cards, as at night I spend all my time writing letters, which is a nice past time. Well Edith I am glad to know that you will be able to stay with my mother for a week or so, as I am sure she must have lots to do, and what with me going away and Robert going to the hospital, it is also rather lonesome for her.

Edith I hope you will forgive me writing such a short letter, but will do better next time.


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