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Date: March 1st 1918

A Company
2nd CCD


My dear Edith:

I was glad to get your letter of January 18th, and as I have some spare time am answering it at once - but overlook this writing as I have a sore thumb and can't hold my pen very well.

First I must mention that I am in hospital at present and have been here for two weeks and am expecting to be returned to the CCD very soon. I am not here suffering with any serious complaint - just my blood out of order - am able to be around as usual and don't in any way feel sick or look sick.

The first morning here the sister put me on looking after the stoves in the ward, which means removing the ashes and polishing the stove, also keeping a fire on the go - It is a beautiful job. Have been able to burn my hands about 5 times so far, also get them nice and black handling stove polish and coal - Hardest work I have done for some time. However a change is a good thing.

The weather here at present is A1 and no doubt you will soon be having some similar weather in Canada, and no doubt you will gladly welcome the mild weather, as from all accounts the winter weather was a little severe.

I don't know what is wrong with my letter writing, as I can't collect enough news together to make up a respectable letter, and also there seems to be so very little to write about - however I trust you don't mind receiving short letters until a time arrives when I can manager a long letter.

I was pleased to know that Grandma is feeling much better but she will have to exercise a certain amount of care to prevent any further trouble.

Shall have to close and hope all are well at home.

Kindest regards

Yours Kelvin

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