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Date: March 18th 1916

2 ¬AM - 18/3/16

Roosters crowing

A Barn - France

17th of Ireland - 17/3/16

My deal little Edith: (tease)

Also very very glad to hear from you, but am afraid I have given all the news to Olga, however I will do as well as I can for you but you can have a look at 98 pounder's letter. Thanks very much for the photo, which is a very good one. So it was in the paper that we were going into the trenches, well most of the battalion did, but I did not though I was very close, at night you would think there was a fire-work display, owing to the amount of "star shells" which are used on the firing line. Every day aeroplanes are to be seen, sometimes I can see the shots bursting in the air, which are fired at them - but I have never see one brought to earth yet. You appear to have had a good time skating with Kate and wish that I also could have been there - but I suppose I cant be two places at once. Clair would have been alright in the army with his sore mouth, as you say he could hardly eat, well in the army, you don't get a big spread so as already said he would have been O.K. I have just looked up my little book to see what I did on March 1st the day you wrote to me and find that I had a 10 mile walk, and also had a snowfall on the same day. It is hard to write a letter, as I cant mention names of towns, or anything about moves. This envelope I have used is not always opened by the censor, but cant put anything in a letter that is against rules. I am allowed one of these envelopes per week - but can write and use other envelopes but letters in other envelopes than green ones, have to be read by my officer. I am glad to know that you have received the various cards I have sent you.

Our battalion is having an inspection today the 18th but I shall not be on it, having worked all night. The barn I am in is fine and large - I sleep over the cow stable and hear the cows being milked every morning which at once makes me think of the Glen.

I am enclosing a clipping out of a paper, which is very good, and which hits the nail on the head, you can get your ma to read it for you. I am also glad to know you have Miss Richard back again, as I think you mentioned before what a nice teacher she was.

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