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Date: November 16th 1918

Bramshott 16/11/18

My dear Edith. -

I have received your letter in fact two of them, and thank you for the enclosures.

Well Edythe, the good old war is over and the rejoicing has been very high over here and no doubt likewise in Canada. Now that the war is over I will be out of a job, can you give me one on (?) Dairy Farm, nothing too strenuous, hours I want to be from 11 to 1, with 3 hours for lunch.

We are having beautiful weather and I am taking full advantage of it by cycling almost afternoon and walks in the evening. A few days ago I cycled to Portsmouth and was able to see quite a celebration, flags, fireworks, etc.

The next great item I suppose is when shall I be back in Canada - and I really have not the slightest idea. I expect to be very busy very soon as there will be a number of men being dispatched from this depot. I hope you don't mind pencil.

I was going to London to do some Xmas shopping but could not get leave, so will have be satisfied with the district around camp but there is not a great selection to be had - However I may be able to make London next week for a day or so.

Excuse such a short note - will be writing again soon.

Hope all are well at the Glen.



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