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Date: December 26th 1915

France, Dec. 26, 1915
My dear old Ray,

I have just received you most interesting letter, and it has cheered me up immensely, thank you so much for it. You seem to be doing splendidly with the stock. It is a good idea to sell some off. I am very glad you were so fortunate in finding buyers. I expect you would be glad to have some cash coming in too as there must be some considerable expenses to meet. I hope you are drawing on anything you sell of mine for a half share of all the expenses as you go along. Don't wait till I get back before settling up. I am very glad Clementina made such good beef. I was glad to be able to tell Olive in my letter home, because when she last wrote she seemed to think Clementina was rather a drug on the market. I do hope before 1916 is out I shall be with you once more. I can assure you I shall be quite ready to lay down the sword and take up the plough once more. I am very glad to hear of the progress of John Edward. I expect he will keep you both on the hop at times, but what's nicer than a labour of love. I had a letter from Gladys Barwick and also Lance Littlewood the other day, both of which I answered, so when you see them you might mention the fact. The Barwicks very kindly sent a parcel, but it has not reached me up to date. I hope you will not have too severe a winter. This is a very wet climate, and the ground seems to be sodden all the time. I wish you could get a good chore boy to help you out. I take it Haywood's sheep have not bothered you much this summer. I am glad Wilson is plugging along alright. If his house continues to increase in proportion to his family and worldly fortune, it will be quite an interesting structure in the course of time. Well, old lad, goodbye and with love to you both.

Your affectionate brother