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Date: December 4th 1915

Dec 4th 1915
My dear old Ray,

This is just a few lines to wish you all a very happy Christmas. I expect you will spend it at home this year and I wish I could be there to share it with you. I do hope your back hasn't bothered you very much. I was rather anxious about it as those things are sometimes so troublesome, and you have so much to do. I hope John Edward is progressing satisfactorily and not disturbing you too much at nights. C Squadron have just come out of the front line. We were in four days. One afternoon the bit of line we held was the centre of an artillery drill. For two long hours hell was let loose. Twenty shells a minute were bursting over us, and they certainly played havoc. You would see the casualties in the paper, nearly 25 percent in two hours. Bill was knocked senseless while extricating a man from the debris, but mercifully is not damaged. No Vermilion men were badly hurt, but you will see a more detailed account of things in my letter home. I received some baccy through the Overseas Club the other day, but it did not say who it was from. We are hoping to go behind the lines for a rest tomorrow. At present we are mud from head to foot. I hope all is going well with you. I enjoy looking at the photographs so much. Give Wilson and Liz my best wishes for a happy Christmas, also the Birds, Barwicks, B. & B., and Littlewood. Tell them all the boys behaved splendidly under fire. Heaps of love old man to you and Lysbeth and the little one.

Ever your loving brother