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Date: January 31st 1915

Sunday, January 31st, 1915
Dearest old Fatty,*

We want to thank you very much indeed for you nice letter which we got yesterday. You will have got my other letters by now, so you will understand how it was we couldn't tell you till the deed was did - simply because we didn't know ourselves. I would like you to give Sadie a little gift, and that will be the same as giving it to me. Perhaps she will tell you what she would like. We were coming down to Vermilion to say Goodbye to you and Gre but finally decided to stay here till my leave expired, as it was so cold, and we would have eaten up my leave just traveling. The latest rumour is that we will be here for at least a month after all, so perhaps an expedition can be formed from Vermilion to here, before we finally depart. Ernest and a man called Horne came to the wedding. It was really rather agitating in a way. The train was due at 5:30, so I fixed 7:30 for the event, and we were all to have supper together at 6:30. The train did not arrive until nearly 7:15. There was a choir practice at 8 till 10 p.m., so we just dashed to the hotel for Sadie to tidy up and reached the church about 7:45 or later and then had supper afterwards. Wasn't it a terribly long day for Sadie? We saw Ernest yesterday afternoon and he said that a bunch of fellows were going down to see us off! I haven't heard yet whether he warned them or not! We do things in style here and were greatly tempted to ring you up - in bed!! Well we must stop with best love from both of us.

Bill & Sadie

[* His sister Elisabeth's childhood nickname]