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Date: April 13th 1943

Sunny Brae, New Brunswick, Canada.

April 13, 1943

Dear Mom,

Nope, I haven't got that steel all filed yet. We work to precision, even by hand. Our tolererce is one thousand of an inch. You can tell Dad that, and also say that if I can sorta slip one of those 18 cylinder radial engines into my pocket, I'll send it home to put in the car.

It's swell working here. The course consists of 3 sections of 6 weeks each: 1st 6 weeks-- filing and lectures.
2nd 6 weeks-- about motors,
3rd 6 weeks--work on carburators and similar highly skilled work.

You remember, I only took one suit of long underwear. Well, until it is washed, I'm wearing a suit of Mrs. Hall's deceased husband's, and, believe it or not, it's a little too small. And my operation gives me no trouble. It is practically all healed.

Thanks for the snaps. Enclosed is Marie's snap. She might like to have it.

Please send my raincoat - I may need it later on. I've had to get a pair of rubbers, for there's been snow on the ground since Sunday morning.

Please send Art's and Gloria's marks.

I'm getting settled here now, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss a few homey things, and especially Vera. I think that's my hardest loss to think about. However, I guess I'll soon get over that.

Last night Stewart and I went to a Baptist Young People's social and we had a swell time. Tonight, as soon as I finish this letter, I'm going to our Young People's at St. George's Church in Moncton. The Church reminds me of St. Anne's in Glace Bay, with it's stone exterior. Don't forget my raincoat.

Love, Lewis.