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Date: July 16th 1915
Mr. And Mrs. Oscar Grant
Enos Grant

Letter from Private Grant

Mr. And Mrs. Oscar Grant have received another letter from their son Enos. He writes in a cheerful mood, and is full of fight and confidence. Much of the letter is concerning family matters, but he says in part: "I was in the trenches at the time your letter came. These trenches are a lot better than they were before, and are not so much shelled. We were then holding reserve trenches all the time, so we had work to do at night, that was carrying stuff up to the men along the firing line, and digging trenches. But we got lots of sleep in the day time. We did not have so many casualties this time - not over 40. We had 200 the other time. We were in 10 days the first time, and 7 days this time. We are now five miles from the firing line, close to a big town. The Germans send five shells at us every night at about six o'clock, but we have got so used to them that we do not mind them. Do not worry about me. I am coming back.