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Date: October 23rd 1917

Near Italy
23rd Oct. 1917

My Dear Mother

After two days on the train we're having a twenty four hour rest here and leave tomorrow for our three day trip through Italy which should be very nice - will only be about three days crossing from Italy to Egypt.
I wrote on the train between London and Southampton - hope the letter arrives alright as I enclosed a cheque in it.

Am awfully disappointed at not seeing John before leaving but perhaps if all goes well he'll get to Egypt later on - at least I hope so.

The weather is much warmer here than in England and in a couple of days it will be quite like summer at home.

This is quite like the trip Fred Calverly had only I think he came up from Rome & we are going through to the South of Italy.

Will write again before we embark - I do hope Mother Dear you're not worrying about me as I am really quite as safe as you are at home.

Best Love to all.
Your Loving Son

will write Temple tomorrow - I owe him a letter.