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Date: October 7th 1918

Toronto, Ont
85 Harcourt Ave
Oct 7th 1918

Miss M. Munro
13 Argyle St

Dear Margaret: –

No doubt you will be surprised to rec a letter from me, have intended writing to you ever since we received the sad message of poor dear Murray but did not feel that I was capable of writing a that letter that would be of any comfort to your broken heart Margaret.

My dear you have had my deepest sympathy it was a terrible shock to us all we were so hopeful of him coming back. Poor Aunt Jennie felt crushed to the earth. I tried and did everything I could to help and comfort her she was wonderfully brave this terrible war has been the cause of a multitude of sorrow and sadness one just has to look around and you see some one else that has just a little more trouble than we have of course every one's own is the dearest to them it is one great comfort to us all to know that Murray was upright good and noble always was a good living boy. Ester had a letter from D'Arcy to-day and he had received a letter[1] from a boy that was just a few feet from Murray when he was killed he said his death was instant "no suffering" he him self was wounded in the neck a few hours later and was taken to the hospital in England and that is where he wrote to D'Arcy from it is a relief to know that he did not suffer.

Well Margaret want to thank you for your kind invitation I will certainly come we are uncertain just yet as to when we will arrive in Stratford Mr. Day taking ill will change our plans some what. Aunt Jennie went to Embro sooner than she expected to go Esther and I intend staying here till Saturday we are haveing a very nice visit but cannot go out as much as we would like to on account of the spanish flue we had planned on going to Niagra tomorrow but we have been advised not to go as it is so bad over there that there is a number of places quaranted.

I was talking to Aunt Jennie on the Phone at Embro this evening and she said that you had been sick hope you are much better. I will close for this time as must go and take a bathe and hop into bed – expecting to see you sometime in the near future. Ester joines with me in love to you and also wishes to thank you for your kind invitation.

I remain yours sincerely,

[1] The letter referenced here is that of September 12th, 1918, from Pte. E. Reynolds.

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