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Date: September 12th 1918
Murray's Mother

Sept 12/18

My Dear Margaret –   

I'm sorry in being so long in writing but it seems such a task for me now. I received your letter also the pin and the papers came last night. Everything comes home so vividly that I so often get weak and useless. I have had so many kind letters of sympathy and it helps to feel and know you are remembered among the thousands that mourn their loved ones. I had such a nice kind letter from Miss Pass[?], I thought it lovely from one I never seen. She must be a dear friend of yours. Let her know I appreciate it. I may write her some time.

Dorothy and I came to D'Arcy's last Tuesday. We are going to Weyburn tomorrow and intend to start for the East about the 24th or 25th of Sept - Esther is coming with us. I must say I would rather not go, but they insist on it, and perhaps I will feel better when I get away. It is not well to be too much alone, our worry will never bring him back. Miss Pass told me you were just wonderful and wore your service pin. I wear mine too. I almost forgot to thank you for it. I appreciate your kindness & thoughtfulness to me. I hope I may prove worthy - My heart ached for you when I read of your experience in Toronto. You were fighting too hard against your strength. The blow is terrible but we have to be submissive. We cannot sing "Thy will not mine be done" and still feel that we are dealt cruelly with.

I am writing to Ottawa to see if I can get any more information. I would like to know he had a marked resting place. I have received no more letters. I thought I would. Did you.

I cannot say just when I will be in Stratford as we go to Toronto first & then Embro over the C.P.R. but will come as soon as possible after getting East. My sister was awfully shaken when she got the message. Murray was like her own boy. I have had no letter from herself since. Will write again from Toronto. I will not say this time "Be brave". You have excelled.

You might write me in Toronto. 85 Harcourt St, c/o J.A. Murray

Yours lovingly

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