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Date: September 3rd 1918

My Own Room;
Tues. 9.15 p.m.

Margaret My Dear-:

Only today did I hear of your great sorrow, when I got the letter from Dorothy. How I long to be with you tonight. I will make a try at writing. When anyone I love is in sorrow it makes my heart ache Oh Dear How we all expect and watch but then when the news comes, Oh how hard it is to meet. I know all the girls will just be so kind to you that I'll never be missed but still I want you to know all though words are hard to write that I'm thinking of you and feel you have been my greatest friend and I do not forget it, only a few more weeks and I shall be able to have a real good talk to you. Be just as brave as you can Margaret for so many just now are in the same sorrow Those little yellow slips are coming into so many homes that I just can't keep up writing I'm not at all well to-night and I wrote one note to a girl I used to go to school with in Clinton about ten years ago her brother so I'm about giving up you understand my not writing is just put off on account of rest my energy is all spent the anticipation of going home is helping me on maybe the third Sun I'll be with you. Margaret I'll close tell Blanche If I felt like it I'd write to her but I just simply can't it is taking all the energy I can buck up to write tonight but when I forget you I will be almost gone and out Hope Jean has been to see you Take your work easy for a little while until you feel more like plugging ahead Have you the same grade this term. Just write to me when you feel like it I'll not rush you for you will have others first


R.R. no 4 Simcoe
c/o Clayton Culver

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Original Scans