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Date: August 28th 1918

173 Cobourg St.
Aug 28th/18

Dearest Margaret:

Agnes has just gone and yet I cannot believe it is true. I feel that it just can't be true. Such things should not be and yet Margaret. "Yet a little while”—. We do not know how long that Little While may be. With some it is indeed A Little While.

Do you remember The Very Rev. Arch Deacon Davidson’s Sermon on “What is your Life,” at the unveiling of the Window in St Pauls. I don’t think anything helped me so much as that. The Very Best life lived was but 33 yrs. and yet. It all does seem terrible so hard to understand. How little we do know. But my Dear, you have nothing but glorious memories of Love and happiness, which were yours and no cruel foreign foe can take from you and indeed have much to be thankful for. He was Grand Brave Noble & Good. Aren’t you proud to call him yours in life or death?

I wish you were home so I could be with you and yet I know it was by far the wisest thing to stay there in Toronto until School Opens and there we will be together. Agnes is a little Dear and feels so sorry for her Aunt Maggies. She says you have meant so much to her. Almost a mother and I am quite sure Margaret you have been. You know How Sorry I am for you I cannot tell you. You will just know and I know how Brave you are going to be. I have been thinking of you very much of late, during these heavy Casualties & Cosie[?] and I were speaking of Murray, one day when playing tennis but I felt sure he would be sent back to you. Still “God Moves in a Mysterious way his Wonders to perform.”

I hope you feel like writing and drop me a few words. I want to hear from you, and I shall write again. I shall meet the train Mon. Night.

Heaps of Love
Sorrowing [?]

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