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Date: July 7th 1918

Sunday July 7th

My Dear Margaret;

I received your letter today which was written June 12 and calculated for July 6th, so you see how well timed your letter was dear. I had figured on writing you yesterday but we drilled in the afternoon and were paraded 6 kilometers to a picture show last night and it was 9.30 when we got home. I am very pleased with your letter dearest. I too realize that there has been many changes in these last years. I trust it has made our love more secure if that were possible. To me you are my friend comrade and wife. I will admit that I often wish myself back in civilian life with you as my close friend and wife with a home and little tots. I do not like to see you lonely dear. But I am here now. I respect but never fear the battle dear but you have a good time when I am away. I'll try and make up to a small extent the many pleasures you have missed.

Your pledge dear fills me with tenderness. I am proud of you and of your resolve dear I know that you are living a wholesome pure profitable life dear. I have never doubted you sweetheart. I have trusted you these many years and your trust in me dear is something I can't express. The way you showed yourself so all mine honey girl is one of the sacred memories I have taken to France. I tried then as much as possible to make you feel that I loved you with my whole heart. The appeal of personal touch is removed for the present. The love and memories of our visit still remain. I know how much you yearn for wee Betty or your own Peggy. So do I beloved. Letters won't fill their places dear. This subject has been bothering me since I came here. I can't find a satisfactory solution. Now kisses and all love and honour to the Mother of our Children.

Your Faithfully

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